In today’s fast paced world…

taking time out to sort, wash, dry and fold your laundry leaves less time to spend with your family, finish the work you brought home, or just relax. We use gentle highly effective laundering methods and phosphate free detergents and softeners with little or no scent, keeping in mind those with chemical sensitivities.

How does it Work ?

  • Put your laundry in the bags (no need to separate dark and light items).

  • Drop off your bag at our location

  • We return your laundry clean, organized and neatly folded.

This service is ideal for :

Families with a high volume of laundry and not enough time

Massage clinics, dental or doctor's offices

Busy professionals who would like to ``outsource`` this chore

Students living in dormitories or apartments

People back from vacation

Anyone who doesn't like doing laundry